Sauber Oil is a German quality supplier of petrochemical products, hereunder high quality Engine Oil.

Our brand focuses on innovation, research and development. Thereby, giving our customers competitive advantage in the market place.

Advances in German power train and engine efficiency requires  ultra modern low friction lubricants in order to perform at it’s best.

This is being well taken care of when choosing Sauber Oil Germany for your engine. This wether it being Petrol, Diesel, LPG or Hybrid.

Further, advances to ultra modern Transmissions from manufactures such as  ZF Germany, BorgWarner, Aisin Seiki, Voith, Allison and Eaton make choosing the right ATF and manual Gear Box oil much more critical.

Sauber Oil Germany should by default therefore be your natural choice. 

Sauber Oil Germany would love to learn more about your company, and how we can assist, and help ensuring your lubricants and oil business becomes an even bigger success.

Please contact us for a friendly chat about Hi Power advanced performance engine oils, and lubricants from Germany, with the best prices.

Selecting quality from Germany always pays of in the end!